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ENOUGH 2Ever had one if those days when your ‘To Do’ is a mile long, but for the life of you don’t know how to begin tackling it?

As the list grows, so too do our anxiety levels, and we start to feel overwhelmed. For working mums (I include stay-at-home-mums in this, because let’s face it, ALL mums are working mums!), this is especially true.

Let me start by saying this – you’re not alone. Feeling overwhelmed by the pressure we put ourselves is unfortunately becoming more and more common these days. Today, more than ever, we have more choices, more responsibilities, more meetings, more school functions, more washing/cleaning/ironing, more this and more that. I’m sure you’d agree, it’s exhausting!

As much as we’d like to achieve everything we want within a 24 hour cycle, sometimes it’s just not realistic. Of course, the difficulty with this is – the more we don’t do today, the more we have to do tomorrow and the next day and the next. Before we know it, our ‘To Do’ list is the size of Mt Vesuvius!

So what can you do when you start feeling overwhelmed by how much you need to achieve toda
y? Start by asking yourself these questions:
1. What’s on my ‘MUST Do’ list today, as opposed to my ‘To Do’ list?
2. Who says these tasks are important? (Me, my partner, my boss, society?)
3. What is it about saying ‘No’ that makes me feel guilty?

The best way to manage feelings of being overwhelmed is to start questioning your own assumptions. There’s always a difference between what you ‘should’ and what you ‘must’ do. The world’s not going to stop if you cut yourself a bit of slack. Be kind to yourself. Everything will get done.

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