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Well done on taking such a big step and for being ready to go back to paid employment!MIND THE GAP 2

Let’s break it down your CV preparation , shall we?
Name ✔️ (Check)!
Contact Details ✔️ (Check)!
Professional Profile ✔️ (Check)!
Education ✔️ (Check)!
Career Summary ✔️ (Ummm😱….)!

Maternity leave ‘resume gaps’ can bring on panic attacks for most return-to-work Mums. And they shouldn’t!

The key to incorporating maternity leave into your resume is to focus on how time spent away from paid work has given you a multitude of new transferable skills.

For example, have you volunteered to organise events at your child’s school while you’ve been on maternity leave? If so – VOILA! You immediately have valuable, hands-on marketing, net-working, managerial/leadership and cash-handling skills!

OR, maybe you’ve managed your home while taking care of your children full time? If so – BAM! You can add communication, organisation and prioritising to your list of skills!

See how it works? The next step is to ask yourself these two questions:

1. How do these transferable skills apply to my industry?
2. How can these transferable skills add VALUE to my prospective employer?

Most of all, remember to write and think about your maternity leave, and everything you’ve learnt from it, CONFIDENTLY – you deserve bragging rights!

Return-to-work Mums who can talk positively and productively about their maternity leave, their newly acquired and applied knowledge, stand out from their competitors.

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