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Let’s talk about that pesky little emotion all working mothers can relate to – guilt!guilt website 2

As humans, most of us strive to be the best we can – for ourselves, for those whom we love and for those who depend on us. It follows then, that we may often feel not ‘good enough’ and that we, “shoulda, coulda, woulda done better, if only (insert reason here)…”.
One of the most consistent emotions for working mums (and dads!) is that awful pang of ‘ugh’ when they think about not being at home with their kids, OR for not being available for their boss, OR for not wanting to be at home with either their kids OR their boss!

To keep guilt pangs at bay when at work, ask yourself – “For what reason/s am I working?… And then – “What sort of role model do I want to be for my children”?… And finally, “How can I make the time I spend with my children more meaningful?”

Above all else, remember this – don’t confuse professional responsibility and your need for professional fulfilment with a lack of love for your child.

Remind yourself of the FACTS and when you feel overcome with guilt, do like Elsa and, “Let it go”!

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