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Okay, so we all know that managing yourself through the whole pregnancy, career, motherhood, professional life thing is hard! REALLY. HARD.

FullSizeRenderBut do you know the actual statistics associated with pregnant working women and return-to-work mums in Australia? If not, keep reading because you may be shocked…

According to the Human Rights Commission of Australia:

84% of women reported mental and physical stress, and damage to their finances and career during pregnancy and parental leave! No, that was not a typo – it’s EIGHTY. FOUR. PERCENT!

The Australian Bureau of Statistics breaks it down for us a bit more:

54% of women believe that their careers have been affected by taking maternity leave.

30% of women believe their careers took a backward step during maternity leave?

44% of women’s salaries stalked after taking maternity leave?

33% of mothers did not return to the workforce after taking maternity leave?

33% of new mothers felt they didn’t fit in anymore, on returning to their jobs?

I’m sure you’d agree – these statistics are astonishing and unacceptable! Please understand – I haven’t posted them to scare you, I’ve posted them because as Oprah says, “Knowledge is POWER”! And I want you to be powered-up!

Despite the business world’s move towards developing more inclusive workplaces, there’s obviously still a long way to go! So, if you’re pregnant, or returning to work after taking parental leave, PLEASE EDUCATE YOURSELF and pleeeeeease know your rights! I guarantee that you’ll be glad you did.

Here’s a link you’ll find useful:…/maternity-and-parental-leave

For coaching on how to successfully negotiate and manage your impending maternity leave and/or return to work transition (and how not to become a statistic), please contact me I’d love to help!🌺

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