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Did you know that maternity transition coaching benefits both the business and employee?

It does – it’s a win-win!

Studies have shown that women who were supported by a business coach before, during and after maternity leave felt valued by their organisation and in turn, were more committed and loyal to their employer.

Simultaneously, this benefited the organisation because it resulted in higher retention rates, which translated into lower recruitment costs and an increased ability by the organisation to retain its the most productive, talented female employees.

Benefits for the Employer

Milana Maternity Coaching supports organisations to:

  • Reduce the potential for organisational skill and performance deficits traditionally associated employee maternity leave
  • Increase the probability of retaining valuable and experienced employees
  • Reduce the expense associated with rehiring, retraining and loss of intellectual property
  • Engender loyalty, enthusiasm and improved communication between employees and managers, especially in regard to common objectives, priorities and succession planning
  • Positively and productively manage transition and change
  • Proactively implement systems and policies that attract the best external recruits

Benefits for the Employee

Our coaching packages are designed to assist employees to:

  • Manage themselves productively and happily through transition
  • Gain confidence in their ability to communicate effectively with their line managers or prospective employers
  • Understand the emotional aspects of change and how best to manage them within the context of the work environment
  • Develop strategies that address current and future objectives
  • Increase their workplace focus, adaptability and effectiveness
  • Gain greater self-awareness regarding their value to their current or new organisation